Hello! Welcome to the first environmental piece for Spotlight. My aim is to inform, guide and offer ways to lower our environmental impact. Covering topics from lifestyle choices, simple eco swaps to debunking environmental myths or untangling complex green issues.

Now, who am I? Emily’s the name, protecting planet Earth is the passion. I completed a degree in environmental studies and have worked in the environmental field, mainly the waste sector for over 10 years. I am now working with a new eco shop – The Little Ginger Bee Company based at Kersey Mill.  I am thrilled to share my knowledge and help build a community of committed environmental warriors in Suffolk.  

For the first edition, I am starting simple with a budget-friendly eco swap. Moving away from individually wrapped foodstuffs is great for reducing waste but can lead to wrapping predicaments. Tinfoil being my go-to until I discovered reusable pouches from planet picnic. They’re ethically handmade in Northamptonshire in a variety of sizes.

I eventually decided on the snack-sized one. It’s roughly 10cm by 10cm, the outside a leopard print fabric with a waxy, non-fibrous material on the inside, and an envelope fold at the top to contain the snack. The lining of the pouch requires a simple wipe out before its ready to go again. It has been perfect and used daily.  

Added to its ability to reduce waste, the pouches are made using renewable energy and are vegan friendly. Not only this but each pouch is made using 50% repurposed fabric – saving it from ending up in landfill. 

For more information follow @TheLittleGingerBeeCompany on Instagram and Facebook