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Residents rely on our publications to know what’s happening in their local communities and to find additional opportunities to engage. Many people turn to their local edition as a source of advice or assistance and advertisers greatly benefit from this when their ads are viewed. Our readers are interested in who you are and what you have to offer.

Research has proven that consumers have a growing appetite for local news and information to help them cope with and successfully navigate their lives. We are proud to feed that appetite and in doing so we help local businesses, the beating heart of every community, to thrive.

Mansion House Publishing is a member of  Mansion House Group which also includes ColourplanPrint, Boswell Office Supplies and Musical Marketing. This means we not only print onsite but also offer an extensive range of additional services and products to our clients.

Spotlight on Felixstowe is one of nineteen free monthly publications, giving readers an array of community news from Felixstowe and surrounding villages.

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