Beeswax or vegan alternative food wraps have been around for a little while now and most of us are confident using them for wrapping up fruit and veg to store or for our sandwiches, but as a person who loves to get the most out of all products so I’ve got eight new ways to use these wraps. 

  1. Wrap a bunch of flowers in it, not only is it better than plastic or paper which will just be thrown away but it’s an added gift for the recipient. 
  2. Use to cover jugs of drinks when dining outside – there is nothing worse than a bug making a crash landing in your freshly made Pimms or ice-cold water.
  3. Use as a grip to open tough jars or lids – these wraps work so well as they already have a bit of ‘stickiness’ to them helping with grip.
  4. Lost the lid for a jam jar – no worries, use these wraps as an alternative. 
  5. Use as a storage solution for a pack of cards if you’ve lost the box – I know this happens a lot in my house.
  6. Wrap around a bar of soap or shampoo bar when you go travelling. It saves your wash bag getting all soapy and helps you keep plastic free on the road. 
  7. Roll into a funnel to fill jars with dried goods. Making the task of getting the bulk buy rice or cous cous into it’s everyday jar easy peasy. 
  8. Use like a Furoshiki wrap and use instead of wrapping paper.

The Little Ginger Bee shop located at Kersey Mill stocks a range of sizes of vegan food wraps. These work in exactly the same way as traditional beeswax wraps but just don’t contain any beeswax and therefore are vegan friendly.