Little did any of us imagine as we celebrated entering the new year of 2020, how our lives would drastically change in just a few short months.  

In the first few weeks – when staying at home became the new norm – it seemed so alien. It took me a couple of weeks to come from a feeling of unsettled abnormality to adopting a more pragmatic, philosophical approach to the lockdown; entering my own phase two with new found positivity aimed at making the best of the situation.

Eventually a routine seemed to magically evolve, and with this routine a sense of comfort. My normal balance of daily life changed to involve doing more ‘fun’ things and not worrying about a bit of dust, etc. A pandemic certainly puts so much into perspective making one appreciative of what is important.

The allowed daily walk was a given for my husband David. I always shy away from exercise so have surprised myself by really enjoying this daily outing with my beloved. Miracles do happen! Our hobbies have taken over our lives too. David is fortunate to have a man shed to play in…oops…create in, and I have been having fun with my watercolour paints – pure escapism; so important for one’s wellbeing. Trying new hobbies has also been fun, and thanks to Amazon we are now hooked on 1,000 piece jigsaws; the comical ones which provide us with not only brain exercise but plenty of chuckles.

On a practical note, as retirees we are fortunate not to have financial/job worries. Deliveries of essential items are in place and phone calls, emails and FaceTime have kept us in touch with family and friends, but (like so many) we do miss the close contact; definitely the toughest sacrifice of staying at home. 

I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank all who have helped us, and to the wider community who are selflessly working so hard for us all.  

Submitted by Liz Tennant