The Global Shorelines Project was started by Kevin J Healy. A local resident, Kevin studied Fine Art Printmaking at Brighton School of Art under Harvey Daniels and Tim Mara 1979-81, followed by a Postgraduate in Education. He worked for 32 years as a Head of Art, Head of Expressive Arts and Assistant Principal in Suffolk schools.

Following retirement, Kevin began to produce responses to shorelines in graphic media, print and photography. All of his work for the shorelines project is given free, in aid of marine conservation initiatives. He is currently working towards the live launch exhibition, but he needs your help.

“When my wife and I retired, in common with many retirees, we started travelling to see the many places we were unable to see while working and bringing up children. We love to travel and to walk along the sea on distant coasts. However, we are very aware of the impact our travel has on the environment. It was with that in mind that I started the Global Shorelines Project. The initial intention was to produce and sell my own artwork and photographs, with the proceeds going to a marine conservation charity.

However, the remit of the project grew as it progressed. Why not do a collaborative project, making use of social media and camera phone technology to pull in visual contributions across the entire planet.”

From this small beginning, Kevin has gradually collected shoreline imagery from the UK, Ireland, Greece, Spain, France, Thailand, USA, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Honduras, Guatemala, Italy, and beyond. The list goes on.

The Global Shorelines Project was initially intended as an online project, followed by live events to draw in collaborators, purchasers and sponsors. The first (launch) exhibition will take place at 142 Gallery, Hamilton Road from 24-30 September. Kevin plans to follow this initial launch with larger scale exhibitions in the UK and Ireland in 2021, and then in the USA and Australasia in 2022. In each case, the project will partner with local marine conservation charities and sponsors.

This project is not focused on the work of professional photographers. Kevin is seeking contributions from amateur photographers, walkers, beachcombers, surfers, swimmers, sailors, artists, scientists, naturalists, etc. Basically, anyone who enjoys the sea and who would like to support marine conservation work across the planet.

If you are a potential contributor, or you would be willing to sponsor an exhibition or provide an exhibition space, Kevin would like to hear from you. Why not visit the website to look at the existing work, or visit the upcoming exhibition to talk directly with the artist. This is a chance to support a project from the locality, which intends to be truly international in its scope.

Please mark any photograph donated/tagged to the project with the location of the shot and your name and/or social media tag using the email: Visit for more information.