Stand Up and Speak With Confidence

Our meetings are being held on Zoom for the present but as restrictions are being relaxed we are exploring ideas to meet outdoors while the evenings are still warm and light. There’s no denying that Zoom does have unique advantages, such as being able to welcome anyone from anywhere. Michael joined our last meeting from Leamington Spa!

On that occasion, each of our speeches included aspects of our lockdown experience or thoughts on how the pandemic will change our lives in the future. It is really insightful to understand how our members have managed life during this time.

Our impromptu speech session was chaired by Clyde from the Bury St Edmunds club. The theme was ‘The most ridiculous . . . that we have ever known’, for which everyone had an experience to share.

Zoom meetings take place on the third Wednesday of the month from 7.30-10pm.

Please visit our website for more details of our first outdoor face-to-face meeting, weather allowing.

Whatever level of speaking skills and confidence you have, the club aims to help develop skills with both prepared and off-the-cuff speeches for entertaining or formal occasions. Do please come along and see for yourself.

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