Despite the weather not playing ball, we have still enjoyed our first few weeks of the summer term.

Year 2 are developing their green fingers and improving the shared spaces at school. With the hard work of their teacher, Miss Brown, who spent some of her Easter break painting and tidying, and the scavenging skills of the rest of the staff team, they are growing a garden of which we can be proud, right in the quad at the heart of our school. We hope the colourful plants and inviting decoration will entice our children outside with their library books. The garden has already enticed a pigeon to build her nest and lay her eggs in a small bush.

Year 6 are about to be the first year group to go on a school coach trip since Covid-19 affected our curriculum plans. Colchester Zoo have developed an exciting mathematics workshop which puts maths skills into a real-life context. I am sure the kids will get to see an animal or two as well. The children, and staff, can’t wait to learn away from school.

Year 5 are back at the pool! We see learning to swim as an essential life skill, especially as we are so close to the sea, so I am really pleased that Felixstowe Leisure Centre have welcomed us back each Friday.

 Earlier this year, the children, staff and parents worked together to identify the six most essential values we wanted to share and develop at Grange. The responses were really consistent and we have been able to connect all our learning and behaviours through these values. Following that, we were able to work with a graphic design student from the University of Suffolk, Daisy Sturgeon, to design icons for each value so they are easier for us to recall. She also re-designed our school logo to incorporate our heart motif without losing our recognisable oak tree.

Here are the values which sit beneath our mission statement: 

Fostering Learning at the Heart of Our Community