People Urged To Stay Away From Cliffs

Residents and visitors are being urged to take care when visiting the East Suffolk coast after a child was seen playing at the base of cliffs.

Earlier this year, a campaign was launched by Coastal Partnership East in conjunction with HM Coastguard to remind people to stay safe on the coast, especially when walking near cliffs.

East Suffolk Council, through Coastal Partnership East who manage the coast on their behalf, have recently been sent a photo from a concerned member of the public showing a man and young child standing at the foot of the cliffs at Pakefield. These cliffs, along with the rest of the Suffolk coast, are some of the fastest eroding in western Europe and climbing on them or walking close to them can be extremely dangerous.

Cllr David Ritchie, East Suffolk’s cabinet member for Planning and Coastal Management said: “Over the past few months, Coastal Partnership East has received almost daily reports from concerned landowners, businesses and the community about people climbing on eroding cliffs, climbing on top of sea defences and ignoring signs warning of potential dangers.

“This is quite alarming; people are putting their lives, and the lives of their friends and families, in danger. Tragically, there has already been one fatality on the Suffolk coast in 2018 and we are extremely anxious for the community, both locally and visitors to our coast, to take care and help prevent another tragedy. We are urging people to stay away from the base and the tops of cliffs, even if they look stable.”

If you notice anything unusual or dangerous about cliffs or any coastal defences, please email

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