Learn More About Eco-Friendly Agriculture

Biodiversity and habitats are under threat from many human activities and climate change, locally and globally and the aim of this virtual event, titled ‘Farming Today, Fit for Tomorrow’ is to raise awareness of sustainable farming and how we can all help fight climate change by thinking about how our food is grown. 

Attendees can learn more about the positive approaches taken by organisations locally and regionally to grow quality, healthy food for our communities in ways that are sustainable and that recognise the value of nature and how further changes by others within the sector can be encouraged.  

Organised by the East Suffolk Greenprint Forum, the event will include guest speakers from Suffolk Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group, Oak Tree Community Farm, Maple Farm Kelsale, Peach and Pippin, Wakelyns Agroforestry and Fobbing Farm.  

Cllr James Mallinder, East Suffolk Council’s cabinet member for the Environment, said: “Climate change is an issue faced worldwide and we must all do our bit to help fight it. This includes thinking about how our food is grown.  

“The landscapes in East Suffolk are largely agriculture so farming methods have a direct impact on our environment and this event will showcase the positive work of some of our proactive farmers and explore how we can encourage others to follow their lead.  

“Business and the environment don’t normally go hand in hand, however, we must all work together to ensure the environment plays a key role in all our decisions. Even the smallest of changes will make a big difference over time.” 

Jane Healy, Chair of the Greenprint Forum, said: “We need to link food consumers with food producers much more. Many people don’t really understand what is meant by sustainable farming, let alone how and where to find a sustainable product.  We hope our event will make that task easier.” 

The event is taking place on Friday 19 November at 2pm – 4pm on Zoom and is open to everyone. Book your place now at https://my.eastsuffolk.gov.uk/service/Greenprint_Forum_event_registration  

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