How We Make It Happen!

For just a moment, think of a top restaurant, an artisan florist, or a best-selling author.

Question: What do they have in common?

Answer: All we really notice is their end product.

When we go out for a meal, we don’t think about all the lengthy preparation of each ingredient.

When we receive a bouquet, we are completely unaware that the florist went to market at 3.45am.

When we sit down to read a book, we never think of the author struggling for inspiration.

It’s the magic of the final product that counts and it’s just the same in radio.

What are you hoping for when you turn on your radio at home or in your car?

If you are listening online or on that rather lovely smart-speaker you got for your birthday, what do you want to hear?

First of all, you want to hear a friendly informed voice. You want to hear someone who knows and understands what’s going on where you live.

If it’s a music show, you want to learn something about that music.

Sometimes you simply need to know what’s going on in your area and whether you need a brolly?

Great radio doesn’t happen by accident.

Just like the restaurant, the florist and the author, to produce a great radio show takes a lot of planning and preparation. At a community radio station like Felixstowe Radio, we can tick all of those boxes. We live, work, shop and play in your town. We talk about the things that are happening at the end of your street and how it affects the people you know.

How do we do it?

It’s mainly with your help; you email us or tell us on social media what is going on.

It’s your voices we like to get on air. We regularly feature groups, clubs, charities and associations. We talk to community leaders, politicians and faith leaders. Local businesses turn to us for help with their appeals and local businesses who choose to advertise with us

Felixstowe Radio is a community radio station where we are all volunteers. We would love you to get involved by keeping us informed and by letting us know what you would like to hear.

As Covid-19 restrictions are lifted further, we will be looking for volunteers, both on-air and behind the scenes. So as a listener or volunteer, please continue helping us to produce great radio.

Felixstowe Radio – we’re here for you!

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