James Catchpole is an experienced podiatrist (chiropodist) and foot health professional with over 35 years’ experience.

James graduated from Chelsea School of Chiropody (as was) in 1984 and was then employed for seven years by the NHS. He opened a private surgery in Felixstowe in 1987 and four years later moved to Haven Health doctor’s surgery where he worked for 25 years, while also offering home appointments. James is now entirely mobile and focused on providing home appointments in Felixstowe, East Ipswich and surrounding villages.

Regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)), James is also a member of The College of Podiatry which makes him the first and only choice for his many regular clients, several of whom he has looked after for many years.

“I have always loved what I do because my clients are so appreciative. The services I offer all help to alleviate pain and discomfort and it’s wonderful to witness the often-immediate relief my clients’ experience. I can’t think of a more fulfilling career.”

James was permitted to visit priority patients throughout lockdown, often in the garden due to the fantastic spring weather but did cancel the majority of appointments.

“Client safety is and always will be a priority, but it was necessary to visit those in most need. Foot pain can be extremely debilitating, which is why home visits were permitted by our regulator. We continue to adhere to all the safety requirements, wearing PPE and using sterilised instruments, and, of course, being mobile is an enormous advantage for our patients who can be treated safely at home without any stress or risk.”

James is out and about every day so if you’d like to arrange a home visit, call the office on 01473 271171 to speak to Anne. Anne will be able to tell you more about the full range of services provided by James and schedule an appointment.

www.jamescatchpole.com / 01473 271171