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Facts at your Fingertips!

Suffolk Libraries have added the Britannica All New Kids’ Encyclopedias to the extensive free eLibrary resources. All eight volumes are now available to download and explore as eBooks. The encyclopedias are available as unlimited titles so

A Word From Your Mayor

Welcome to my first article of 2021. Despite the restrictions, I hope you were able to have a safe and healthy Christmas. Like anyone writing these articles some weeks ahead of their publication, it is difficult to comment on events as

Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club

Well, I think most people will agree, we want to put 2020 firmly behind us and look forward to a Covid-free year in 2021! Here at the golf club, we also have an amazing year to look forward to when we start to build our new clubhouse

An Exciting Year Ahead

Happy New Year! 2021 is going to be an exciting year of progress for Felixstowe’s Community Nature Reserve. In the local area, we will grow larger than ever before. Already, we have a combined area to our community nature reserve well

SET Maidstone & Causton School

We offer a secure environment from Reception through to Year 6 where children are happy to learn. We have a tailored curriculum, wide enrichment programme and Thrive programme. We pride ourselves on the pastoral care we give to every