We have a quick word from Mr Mark Girling, headteacher at The Federation of Fairfield and Colneis:

“I am writing this at the beginning of the Summer term, at a time where restrictions are beginning to ease for us all. Although we are still operating in schools with a range of COVID protocols in place, our attention has turned to plans for the future. We are now able to put into action some of our school development ideas and are very excited about being able to explore ways of how we can extend our learning opportunities for our children.

“Our Community Connections project that we are jointly working on with the Felixstowe Helping Hands group is going from strength to strength. This is a project that sees all our children, from Nursery to Year 6 write letters, draw pictures or in some cases create poems that are sent to members of our local community who find themselves isolated. The first batch of these letters were mailed out prior to the Easter break and so far we are pleased to have received over 150 replies. The children are going to be delighted to open them! The responses have included messages of thanks, drawings, poems, photos of pets, memories of World War 2, memories of the recipients own childhood and many have acknowledged how hearing from the children has really brightened their day. One reply in particular commented ” I’m 83 years old and live alone…. I had a bad fall and am unable to get outside and have no visitors. Thank you very much for your lovely poem, it really cheered me up.”

“This project really helps us to model our school values in a practical way, to give the children an example of what compassion looks like and support them in engaging with worthwhile community events. We very much look forward to continuing this project and further developing the links moving forward.”

Mark Girling