Dementia Support Group Launches ‘Memory Boxes’

Felixstowe Memory Lane Dementia Support Group is pleased to announce the launch of ten dementia memory boxes. These boxes allow people whose lives have been affected by dementia to sit together and explore a collection of items or images from the past. The idea of the Memory Box is to encourage short-term memories by stimulating long-term ones.

Before Covid-19, volunteers from the then Felixstowe Timebank project collected an assortment of items from the community and created ten memory boxes. The original idea was to have these available in local cafes and restaurants, encouraging people living with dementia to live well in a dementia-friendly community, enjoying the routine of afternoon tea, morning coffee or a meal but with the addition of familiar objects to stimulate conversation and memory. We would like to acknowledge the work of Timebank volunteers in putting together such valuable resources in Felixstowe.

Since Covid-19, Memory Lane users have been unable to meet due to restrictions and vulnerability. This makes people whose lives are affected by dementia even more isolated and lacking in opportunity to participate in stimulating and engaging activities.

In response, Memory Lane is now providing the Memory Boxes directly to users for them to access within their own home and in the company of loved ones and carers.

We would like to create more Memory Boxes and are appealing for additional items. These might be old photographs and postcards of Felixstowe, souvenirs, oddments of fabrics with different textures, buttons, marbles, small tins of recognisable brands, objects associated with careers, or items relating to hobbies. Items that are multisensory are also welcome – soaps, lavender bags, scent bottles. If you think you can help, please get in touch.

Memory Lane would like to thank Felixstowe Ferry Golf Club for their very kind donation of £1,600 which will go to supporting additional resources and activities for people in Felixstowe whose lives have been affected by dementia.

If you can help in any way, please contact Helen Greengrass at East Suffolk Council: 07717 150993 /

Please note: Photo taken before Covid-19

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