Carole Dobson: Yoga Guru

We can all admit it’s been a stressful year, to say the least, and with the New Year coming up it could be a time to take up a new hobby or just get more flexible and relaxed. 

If you’re looking for a calming way to get fit and healthy, look no further than Carole Dru Yoga, a yoga group based in Needham Market, offering classes outside and inside as well as the occasional weekend retreat to suit all your needs. 

The yoga classes started when Carole left her teaching career in the Yorkshire Dales in order to focus on setting up her yoga business in Suffolk. 

Dru Yoga in session

Of course, lockdown has affected everyone, and Carole Dru Yoga is no different. Carole had to take her classes online before uploading some recordings on YouTube Unlisted. Now she has safety policies in place for her indoor and outdoor yoga classes so that you can get your weekly dose of exercise without having to worry about your safety. 

Numbers in the classes have been limited to fit in with the Government’s guidelines and Carole is in the middle of producing her ‘New Year Recharge’ online classes for everyone to enjoy over the holidays

Carole said: “This is all about Health and Wellbeing and examining and practicing the habits that make us feel vibrant over the course of two weeks. Its more a question of being ready to bounce back once a vaccine is found and at least half the population has been vaccinated. There will be no return to normal spacing and numbers until then.” 

Carole won’t let the lockdown get her down, however, explaining that yoga can be a way to help with any Covid worries or stresses you might have, allowing you a designated time to just breathe and clear your mind. 

Dru yoga has amazing Energy Block Release sequences which, although not ‘hard’, are incredibly potent so you genuinely feel like you’ve worked hard without straining yourself too much. 

Besides the exercise side of it, many people can use these classes as a way to socialise, with a monthly subscription to the classes where users can meet up two or three times a week, allowing you to see a friendly face no matter what. 

Carole explained: Its magic really the way that yoga increases energy and reduces depression and fatigue, which many women my age and over suffer from. I also offer a 15 minute guided deep relaxation, which is why my lessons are 15 minutes longer than most. 

“This cures most peoples insomnia! The session is varied, for example starting with high vibe activations or warm-ups to raise your heart and breathing rate as well as your spirits. Dru uses visualization and affirmation so yoga works on an intellectual, emotional, and spiritual level as well as physical. Basically, we have fun, you feel great after and you sleep better!”

Carole is certain that after the lockdown is over, her yoga classes will bounce back and be better than ever. 

“Ive had so much support from clients during this time as well as so many new clients despite running at such a reduced capacity. Im confident I can pick up almost where I left off with a clear vision. The connection to nature is so much part of my mission and it is so wonderful that people have now realised how well nature supports and heals us. Everybody wants more! I cant wait to run my Yoga in the Yurtsessions again.” 

To find out more about Carole Dru Yoga, or to have a deeper look at what it’s all about, be sure to head to for more information or to sign up for classes. 

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