Beach Of Dreams: 26 June – 1 August 2021

500 Miles, 500 People, 500 Dreams, 500 Silks

A collaborative 500-mile walk from Lowestoft to Tilbury

Beach of Dreams is an epic journey to discover the hidden gems of the East Coast of England, inviting collaboration from communities and artists along the way in Suffolk, Essex, Southend, and Thurrock.

Kinetika’s Artistic Director, Ali Pretty, and Guardian journalist Kevin Rushby are walking the entire route, joined by artists, writers, scientists, and local residents. Together, guided by strong environmental themes and the challenges of our current time, they will consider the question, “How can we creatively reimagine our future?”.

Get involved, share a location, and share your dream!

Everyone is invited to choose a mile to walk, submit an image of the landscape, a drawing and a few words about your connection to it and your dream for its future. All words and photos sent in will contribute to a new digital story map of the coastal path, reflecting and recording the narrative of the walk as it unfolds.

An installation of all 500 silk pennants inspired by submitted pictures will mark the beginning of the walk on 27 June, at sunrise on the beach at Lowestoft, during the First Light Summer Solstice. The route follows the coast, taking in stunning scenery, wild landscapes and seaside towns. Further installations and events take place along the way including Harwich Festival on 10 July and the finale at Tilbury Fort on 1 Aug.

Beach of Dreams is conceived as a national project that will unfold over two years along the UK coastline starting in summer 2021 and culminating in 2023, running in parallel with Year of The Coast.

“This is a time of emergencies and crises and humans always think more clearly when walking,” says Kevin Rushby. “It is when walking that lost treasures are spotted and their value and meaning understood. Walking brings contact with people and time to talk.

“The range and scope of people that will be drawn into Beach of Dreams is immense: scientists and artists, old and young, expert and amateur, all manner of people will make contact, fostering new ideas, opinions and partnerships.

“In this context, and in these times, Beach of Dreams feels like the right thing to do. It is a walk that will bring vitality and colour to thousands of people, forging new connections and relationships that will develop hope and inspiration when most needed.”

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