Animals ‘R’ Us – When You Pet Deserves Nothing But The Best

Pet lovers in Woodbridge, Felixstowe and surrounding areas will be delighted to know a new business has been set up by a former nurse to provide a dog walking, pet visit, pet sitting, small animal care and pet taxi service.

Your pet really couldn’t be in safer or more loving hands than with Heather and her business partner Les. Even the company name, Animals ‘R’ Us, reflects their inherent love for and connection with animals.

“I have life-long experience caring for animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and caged birds,” says Heather.

“At present we have the pleasure of two retired greyhounds, Tony and May. Les, a retired postman, is my ‘wing man’! Having worked full-time, we understand how leaving your pet in someone else’s hands is not easy, and you need to relax in the knowledge your best friend is getting the best possible care and attention.”

Heather’s bespoke service can be easily customised to meet the needs of each animal in her care, such as taking care to walk dogs on their own or with one other with a suitable temperament.

“We get to know and understand the dogs we walk so we can provide the best experience for them. Dogs are kept on the lead at all times. Walks are usually an hour but can be adapted to the individual.”

Pet visits are another popular service. Heather might be called on to visit a new puppy, an elderly dog, cats or other small animals (rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.) up to two or three times a day, providing companionship, garden play, feeding, water, cleaning up any accidents and giving medication.

Pet owners often worry about leaving their pet alone overnight and especially when they go away on holiday. Heather can help here too by looking after your pet in your own home.

A pet taxi service isn’t something we’ve written about before, but Heather has adapted a van to provide safe and secure transport to and from vets or groomers, including emergency visits should an unexpected situation arise.

Heather and Les have a Covid-secure policy in place and always wear a facemask and gloves when they enter a customer’s home, use bleach spray on everything they touch and take their own cups, plates and sleeping bag if staying over. Both are DBS checked, fully insured and hold first aid certificates.

At a time when working patterns might be less structured that they were before lockdown, or pet owners are required to go back into office more frequently, Animals ‘R’ Us can provide peace of mind and offset the potential stress which pets might experience.

“We have received calls from several pet owners who are returning to work and concerned about the impact their absence might have on a dog or cat which has relied on them being at home for several months. We’re quickly able to reassure them and we take our role very seriously. Our clients place their trust in us, allowing us to enter their homes, to care for their pet, even to administer medicine. We don’t let them down and we always go above and beyond for the animals in our care. It’s just what we do and we love it.”

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