An Exciting Year Ahead

Happy New Year!

2021 is going to be an exciting year of progress for Felixstowe’s Community Nature Reserve. In the local area, we will grow larger than ever before. Already, we have a combined area to our community nature reserve well in excess of a full-sized football pitch. Local artists and musicians add hugely to the community breadth of that achievement.

Within neighbouring towns, we will continue to support the magnificent work of Ipswich Community Nature Reserve, Transition Woodbridge and the Brightlingsea Nature Network. Further afield, we will support the equally brilliant work of the Cosby Community Nature Reserve and Pontos + Vida in Portugal.

In Liverpool, we are excited to be working with David Roberts and his team as they start the ambitious task of creating the South Liverpool Community Nature Reserve. David is an excellent organiser and has a first-class knowledge of his city. We will support the South Liverpool Community Nature Reserve by providing them with information and one-to-one support.

Alongside David Roberts’ role in developing the South Liverpool Community Nature Reserve, he is also adapting our work with local schools to help support St Vincent’s School for children who live with visual impairment and other challenges. Their wildlife-friendly school garden will add significantly to the excellent standards of education and well-being which St Vincent’s consistently achieves.

In May 2020, Felixstowe’s Citizen Science Group conducted a comprehensive impact analysis on our work so far. The results were encouraging. However, they also showed that we have much more work to do. In 2021, we will commission another impact analysis from our Citizen Science Group to see how the situation has changed over the last 12 months.

Felixstowe’s Citizen Science Group has established itself locally and globally as an example of excellent team-work and analytical rigour. Through their connections with the European Citizen Science Association and many other organisations around the world, 2021 will see them continue to grow in stature.

For more information about the work of Felixstowe’s Community Nature Reserve, please visit our Facebook page.

Supplied by Dr Adrian Cooper      

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